Moringa for Hair: Benefits and Usage to Promote Hair Growth


As per the recent analysis by Technavio, the global moringa products (moringa seeds and oil, moringa leaves and leaf powder, and moringa fruits, tea, and pods (drumsticks)) market can potentially grow by USD 3.55 billion from 2020 to 2024. The key factor driving this phenomenal market growth is the increasing awareness about the health benefits of moringa products. Moringa is packed with all the essential amino acids. Furthermore, moringa leaves enhance energy levels and help heal ulcers, restrict tumors, control blood pressure, and reduce inflammation. Additionally, moringa products’ consumption helps improve vision, control disorders of the circulatory systems, aid in phenomenal new healthy hair growth, and flush out free radicals from the skin. In this article, we focus mainly on how Moringa can help you in your hair growth and care.

Moringa for Hair Benefits:

Moringa is called “Miracle Tree” for the various benefits it provides. Moringa is rich in minerals and vitamins and known for improving natural hair growth and renewal of damaged hair. It strengthens the hair roots and stimulates them naturally. Moringa is beneficial for all hair types and textures.

Reduces hair loss:

Iron is a crucial ingredient for hemoglobin production. Hemoglobin is the protein responsible for carrying oxygen to your hair cells[1]. Moringa being iron-rich, helps in oxygen supply to the hair roots, allowing hair follicles to grow better. Moringa works wonders to reduce hair loss.

Stimulates hair growth:

Zinc plays a significant role in reducing hair loss, promoting hair growth[2], and recovery of damaged hair follicles[3]. The high concentration of zinc in Moringa is beneficial for the hair follicles and stimulates hair growth.

Fights split-ends and builds healthy hair strands:

Moringa is loaded with essential amino acids such as arginine, cystine, cysteine, lysine, and methionine, required for hair’s healthy growth.┬áIt helps in developing healthy hair strands with no split ends.

Prevents aging of hair:

Harmful free radicals weaken hair and turn them grey[4]. Moringa is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C to fight against those free radicals and vitamin E to help repair the damage. Regular use of Moringa oil reduces hair fall and keeps them strong.

Nourishes hair:

Moringa is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, which help thicken hair strands by plumping them up with healthy fats. It boosts the volume of your hair and creates hair regrowth.

Moisturizes scalp:

Moringa oil, being light, gets absorbed quickly into the scalp and hair strands, hydrating the scalp and damaged hair from both outside and inside.

Keeps hair dandruff-free:

Various hair care products available in the market today that claim to be anti-dandruff contain many chemicals. These products may further irritate the scalp or make it dry and itchy. They may even increase your hair fall problem. 

Choosing herbal products like Moringa is entirely harmless to your hair. Applying Moringa gives you dandruff free sleek hair.

How to use:

Apply Moringa oil to your hair:

Using Moringa oil as a therapy for your hair will undoubtedly make it dandruff-free and hydrate both the scalp and the hair strands. Moringa oil hydrates, moisturizes, and treats your hair follicles from the inside. Moringa oil is an all-natural and powerful conditioner and moisturizer. It will rejuvenate your hair and renew its growth.

The very best oil comes from the seeds of the tree. Moringa oil is so effective that it has ended up being a popular ingredient in premium cosmetics. However, to avail the benefits of Moringa oil for your hair, you do not require a high investment. It is budget-friendly as you only need to apply the oil straight on your hair to enjoy its benefits. To use the Moringa oil treatment, massage the oil right into your scalp, and rub the oil from the hair roots till the end. Repeat this once or twice a week for a satisfactory outcome. Increase its quantity gradually over time for best results.

Use Moringa hair mask:

You can also get the benefits of Moringa by using it in a hair mask. For this, use Moringa powder or oil in your hair masks at least once every week.
Here we present one method that can turn your hair from completely dry and brittle to healthy, balanced, and glossy. You will require:

1 tablespoon Coconut Oil 

2 tablespoon Moringa Powder. 

3 tablespoon Raw Honey. 

Mix all the constituents in a dish and add some water to achieve your preferred consistency. Apply the mixture generously to your hair. Cover and leave it on for roughly 30-45 mins. Wash thoroughly. After washing, you will be able to feel the difference just by touching your hair. This mask smoothens your hair and gives you a silky and shiny look.
Following this hair care routine fused with a healthy diet plan is a winning combination for stunning hair.

Use Moringa as a Tea Rinse

To make Moringa Tea Rinse, you only need to mix the Moringa powder in warm water. You can also use moringa powder in combination with different teas. You can add apple cider vinegar for added benefits. Make use of the prepared tea to wash your hair.

Add Moringa to your diet:

Supplementing your food with Moringa powder furnishes you with all its benefits as the body absorbs its nutrients. You can sprinkle the powder onto salads or can mix it in soups. You can include it in a multitude of recipes of tasty shakes, teas, as well as juices. Including Moringa in your diet helps nurture your hair roots from the inside out.


Try including Moringa right into your hair care programs to achieve a shiny, nourished look. Always keep in mind to consult your medical professional before you try out anything new, especially if you have allergies. Keep in mind Moringa is not to be used by pregnant women. The chemicals in the origin, bark, and flowers can contract the uterus, leading to a possibility of miscarriage. Moringa can, however, be used by lactating mothers as it increases milk production.


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