14 Tips for a Better Life

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Today, you are working day and night to ensure a secure future for you and your family. You are busy in completing targets at work. You are always engaged in making money involved in connecting with people. All the time, you are stressed about the tasks at hand.
In all this haste, you forget to take care of your health. At the same time, your health is what will keep you moving for all these day-to-day affairs. If you are healthy, you are capable of doing everything. It is what will take you forward in life. As your life go on and on, you need to stay fit and healthy to enjoy it.
Today, we will look at the 14 simple things which you can do to ensure good health. You don’t need to spare time for all these; it can be that easily mingled in your day to day life.

Get proper sleep:[1][2]

Sleep is the pivotal object for a person’s well being. It refreshes you physically, mentally, and emotionally. It enhances your performance capability for the day ahead. Proper sleep is incredibly important to maintain good health. Sufficient sleep is necessary to improve concentration and productivity. It reduces the risk of many diseases and helps maintain body weight. It brings down the stress level and helps you relax. During Sleep, the body secretes growth hormones that help repair cells and fights illness. When to Sleep and How much is the next question which comes to mind. Some people think that if they are good to go with a sleep of five hours, then it is enough for them but their reasoning is flawed. They don’t know that they don’t work at their full potential. Improper sleep leads to irritability, less response time, poor performance, unstable relationships.
The amount of sleep needed depends on the age of a person. A baby needs a sleep of 16 to 18 hours, a child needs sleep of 10 to 12 hours and an adult needs a sleep of 8-10 hours. It varies from person to person. A person may be able to perform at their peak from a sleep of as low as 6 hours to as high as 10 hours. Maintaining a proper sleep pattern is vital to remain fit and fine. You must go to sleep wake up at the same time every day so that your body adjusts with it.

Drink sufficient water: [3][4][5]

Water is indispensable for the human body. The human body is 60-70% water. It is set forth to function on water. Each and every cell of the body needs water to perform its function. Drinking water is essential to the human body and having a sufficient amount of water possesses various health benefits. Water strengthens the body metabolism. It washes out all the toxins and fights against various diseases. It keeps you away from weight gain, fatigue, dizziness, and headaches. Moreover, it keeps your skin glowing. Water improves digestion and alleviates constipation. It boosts energy levels and improves brain performance. It is also helpful to keep up a good mood. Being hydrated reduces the risk of heart attack and cancer.
You must drink at least 2-3 liters of water every day. Avoid drinking tap water and go for filtered water. Have fruits rich in water such as watermelon. Have flavored water to increase its intake in a hot climate. Regular intake of a glass of warm water with lemon right after you wake up has miraculous effects. So, as you know it now that drinking a sufficient amount of water is the key to good health, always keep yourself hydrated. Set a reminder or alarm if you tend to forget it.

Have a healthy diet: [6][7]

Food is the fuel to get your body going. It maintains your energy level for the day. Our body requires different nutrients in a well-balanced amount to function properly. A balanced diet is essential so that you intake all the nutrients in that proper proportion. It helps to maintain body weight, to fight against infections and illnesses. It helps to keep you fit and keeps you away from deficiencies.

  • Avoid fat rich diet as fat is not that easy to digest for the body.
  • Include vegetables, fruits, salads, diary products, proteins in your diet.
  • Include fibre in your diet. Food rich in fibrous content are cabbage, green leafy vegetables, bran, squash, berries, beans, whole grains etc. It relieves constipation and lowers the risk of Hemorrhoids, Irritable bowel syndrome. It lowers blood cholesterol levels.
  • Do not skip a meal as it leads to low body sugar levels and your strength throughout the day reduces. You suffer from fatigue and mood swings. It is detrimental for your health.
  • Do not take extreme measures to lose weight. Follow a proper diet plan and stick to it.

Keeping in view the above do’s and don’t, remember various research have suggested to eat less to live longer.


Weight Loss is not the only benefit of working out every day. It goes far beyond it. Exercising keeps you physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically fit. Regular physical activity keeps you active throughout the day. Physical activities reduce the risk of cancer and heart stroke. It reduces the possibility of high blood pressure, increases life’s longevity, and fights depression and anxiety. Exercise builds and strengthens body muscles and increases your stamina. It enhances mental productivity and performance. It reduces the chances of dementia and osteoporosis. Moreover, it relaxes you and enhances your mood. It is responsible for a better immune system. You can sleep well at night if you have exercised properly in the day. Now, after looking at all the pros of stretching out, you can’t say a no to exercise. But still, if you can’t take out some time for exercising, at least do the following:

  • Go for a brisk walk, run or jog at least once a day.
  • Avoid lifts and take the stairs.
  • Stretch out your neck muscles while sitting, if you have a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Drink enough water, so that you will get some breaks in between when you will go to use the toilet and use the toilet which is farther.
  • If you take a bus for travelling to your workplace, get a stop before, so that you can walk to your destination.

Meditate: [8][9]

It has been found in research, that meditation helps in relieving stress, depression, and anxiety. Meditation keeps you relaxed. It ensures refined brain functionary which leads to improved decision making, enhanced response time, and increased grasping power. With mindfulness meditation, you can improve your concentration power, awareness, judgment, attentiveness, and problem-solving capabilities leading to higher work efficiency. It is helpful in regulating your emotions. It keeps you away from anger and despair. Further, it increases your power to tolerate, adjust, and cooperate. So, it helps to strengthen your relationships.
In today’s stressful life, where tensions are a part of the day to day life, meditation is like a life savior. So, regular meditation is a great gift to give it to yourself. For beginners, meditating 20 minutes a day is good to go. It can be increased later on by adding more sessions to it.

Drink Green Tea: [10]

Considering the benefits of Green Tea, it will be appropriate to call it an elixir for human health, because of the plethora of advantages it offers. It has incredible effects on body-weight management. It works well on controlling the growth of tissues of Liver Cancer, Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer, Prostate Cancer.
Green Tea helps keep the cholesterol level in check. Pieces of evidence prove that Green Tea helps prevent Diabetes. Green tea helps boosts one’s immune system as well which is helpful in fighting against various diseases in the long run. It reduces the risk of tooth decay due to its anti-bacterial properties. Green tea reduces the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. It helps fight Rheumatoid Arthritis. Furthermore, it keeps you relaxed and hydrated. So, start having your cup of Green Tea today. It is advisable to drink at least 2-3 cups a day to reap its virtues.

Maintain a healthy weight:[11]

The golden rule to stay fit is “Burn more calories than you eat”. If you just keep on eating, don’t do any physical work, the extra calories will result in weight gain. Obesity may increase the risk of numerous health problems such as heart diseases, diabetes, certain types of cancer, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, kidney diseases, etc. Obese people are generally tired and less active and are more likely to be depressed. They commonly experience breathing problems and have difficulty sleeping.
Being underweight is also not good for health. People who are underweight have a weak immune system. They have less stamina and they feel tired easily. To know if your weight is appropriate, calculate your BMI(Body Mass Index) and maintain it within permissible limits.

Stop overworking:[12][13]

We work to keep our life going, to earn our daily bread, to survive. But in all this money-making we forget the real goal. We tend to neglect ourselves and stop bothering about our health. We don’t give time to our family for whom we work.
Working overtime is a toll on you and your family. Overwork leads to tensed relationships because you are unable to give time to your near and dear ones. It hits you mentally, physically, and emotionally. It leads to heart-related problems and if your job is sedentary it adversely affects your well-being. The work-life balance is vital for good health. Working for long hours leads to depression, stress, lessens productivity. It affects your sleeping pattern.
You need to devote time to your health as well because money is not everything. It can’t buy you your health. Health is the real wealth.

Take care of your skin:

Taking care of your skin is an essential part of being healthy. If you don’t have time for intensive skincare routines, simply follow these basic steps for healthy skin.

  • Use sunscreen daily with an SPF of at least 30.
  • Wear proper clothing if you work outdoors.
  • Take time to wash yourself daily. Take a thorough bath every day.
  • Know your skin type and use cosmetics according to that.
  • If you face irritation, redness after the application of a certain cosmetic product, stop its use immediately.
  • Keep your skin moisturized.
  • Remove your makeup before hitting the sack.
  • Consult a dermatologist to treat severe skin problems.
  • Exfoliate your skin at least once a week so that the freshness of the skin is maintained and you have a glowing skin always.
  • If you want extensive care of the skin, follow a skincare routine.

Quit smoking and drinking: [14][15][16]

Smoking and Drinking are bad for your health. This is not the first time you are hearing it. You know it very well. You just need to accept it. It adversely affects each and every part of the human body. It causes many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, cancer, etc. Research suggests that it dramatically decreases the life span of an individual. Other major complications associated with smoking are infertility, loss of appetite, adverse effect on the immune system, persistent coughing, unhealthy teeth, anxiety and irritability, mood swings, etc. Drinking too much alcohol causes brain damage, high blood pressure, liver and stomach cancer, etc. What more do you want to hear more. Quit smoking and drinking now!

Positive Thinking:

Mental wellness is as much important as staying fit physically. Your attitude towards life dictates your well being. Many people ignore the benefits of positive thinking on their minds and body. It has been proven in research that positive thinkers handle a situation in a far better way. They cope up better in times of stress. Positive thoughts help you overcome distress and increase your immunity, life span, and overall well-being. Positivity boosts your confidence level and makes you happier. Positive thinking fills you with energy. It brings out the best in you, even in the darkest hour. It gives you peace of mind and takes you towards success. Positive thoughts reinforce your relationship with people. They help you stay away from depression. Besides, positive thoughts keep you motivated and increase your pain tolerance levels and heal faster from a disease. So always be an optimistic person!

Smile: [17]

Kathleen J. Edgar rightly said, “Smile a while and while you smile – another smile, And soon there are miles and miles of smiles and Life’s worthwhile Because you Smile”. When you smile at others, they again smile at you and it develops a healthy relationship between the two. Smiling stretches the face muscles which signals the brain to secrete endorphins which is responsible for the feeling of happiness. It helps you handle stressful situations. It relaxes your mind and body. Smiling slows down the heart and keeps you away from heart diseases. Studies suggest that smiling extends longevity.

  • The brain can’t differentiate between a fake and a real smile. So, in times of distress, when you are overloaded with emotions, just smile at yourself.
  • Watch funny TV shows and movies.
  • Spend time with people who make you happy.

Smile makes you more attractive and approachable. So just smile! 🙂

Read and Write: [18]

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. for the all-round development of mind, you must read. You can read a book, a novel, or even a magazine. Reading keeps your brain active and increases focusing power. Reading takes you into the sea of vast knowledge and expands your lexicon which helps in building relationships. The habit of reading reduces stress and helps you sleep better. It helps fight Alzheimer’s disease. It helps you relax. Writing also has the same kind of benefits. It gives words to your emotions and let them out. It reduces stress levels and helps with brain functionary. Writing and happiness are in close relation with each other. If you are unable to get a topic to write, write a diary, write the positive things that happened to you during the day, your feeling about the people you met. In free time or before going to bed read or write something to give a boost to your mental health.

Be Happy:

Being happy is the key to golden health. External factors can trigger happiness, but finally, it’s you who decide how to feel, sad or happy. Being happy has its advantages. Happiness is good for heart and blood pressure. It combats stress and improves your immune system. Not only it helps you fight against diseases and disability, but it also gives you a prolonged life, and if you are happy, you can enjoy every moment of it. So, be happy always, and stay healthy!

Last but not the least, “Take care of your body, its the only place you have to live in”.


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