Mother scolding her daughter - an example of bad parenting.

Ten Signs of Bad Parenting that Can Ruin Children’s Lives

Parenting is the most demanding job in one's life. It ensures no leaves, no rest, no paychecks, and above all, round-the-clock toiling....

Are Crawfish Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women often have to adjust their diet for the benefit of their growing baby. Some foods should be avoided during pregnancy,...

Baking Soda Enema: Benefits and Side Effects

Baking soda has been used for years as a home remedy for stomach and intestinal ailments. Baking soda enemas have been around...
A young man is doing Yoga

Yoga for Men: The Benefits of Yoga for Men

Many men may not be interested in yoga. But, yoga offers many benefits for men that would make them reconsider their decision....
Yoga Class: Yoga offers various health benefits.

Benefits of Yoga: A Way to Get Fit and Stay Healthy

Yoga has been practiced for centuries in different cultures all around the world. It is now a popular activity that has aided...
Various moringa products for hair loss and hair growth.

Moringa for Hair: Benefits and Usage to Promote Hair Growth

As per the recent analysis by Technavio, the global moringa products (moringa seeds and oil, moringa leaves and leaf powder, and moringa...
A couple happily looking at pregnancy test kit

9 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Pregnancy

Recently, I watched a sci-fi movie, Children of Men, which got released in 2006. The film takes place in 2027 when two...
An illustration for happy life

14 Tips for a Better Life

Today, you are working day and night to ensure a secure future for you and your family. You are busy in completing...
Expression of angry faces in a row

Anger Management: Tips and Techniques

Anger is a diabolical vice which causes harm to both end and takes away their tranquillity. It is an emotion which is triggered by some external factors. These external factors are really the interpretation of one’s mind. Angry people do not think while speaking or doing something. They just react in the heat of the moment. Their judgement is clouded, their actions are hysterical. This anger is to be managed for the good. When you are angry, you must change your environment. You need to get your mind off the anger. Follow mirror therapy, find the cause and the solution to it so that you don't get angry again on the same issue. You must learn to let it go. Learn to let go your anger to be happy and keep others happy.